Friday, March 10, 2006

Pissed OFF!!!

When I left the states, my folks let me use their address for a credit card bill I still had. It wasn't supposed to be a problem. I had gone paperless and had been making payments online anyway. The thing has been long paid in full and I haven't thought about it since.

When my renewed card came out, Mom sent it to me. But I never activated it. Too much hassle, and I really didn't need it, you know? It's still in my drawer with the phone number on the sticker covering the account numbers. I thought I was being good, like financially virtuous or something.

Tonight I get an email off Mom saying they've been receiving mail for me from this card company. Stuff marked 'urgent' or something so they opened it. Turns out they're saying I owe them $102 which they've ALREADY sent to a collection agency!!

WTF? There's NO WAY I've used this card! So over to the website I go... and what do I find? I have been charged a 'membership fee' for the use of this card... $59.00 in December. Even though I haven't used it.

Oh, I am going to be screaming down that phone tomorrow!!!


~ nellenelle said...

Scream loud. Scream long. And write to the credit agencies. Ask them for a letter to give the credit agencies.


NursePam said...


Don't take that one lying down kidlet. And what Nelle said.


Trop said...

That happened to me too. It sucks out loud.