Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monday Monday

Lynnie-Lou gave me my present early yesterday. She's such a little stinker, just like me she can't bear to wait till the proper day to give a gift, but wants to give them immediately. NOT like me, however, she likes to torture me. 'Don't you wish you knew what I got you?' That kind of stuff. She's such a brat sometimes.

She made me guess for a while, but nothing I came up with was anywhere close. Jewelry, a badminton racquet, tennis shoes? Nope, she got me a new cellphone! It's gorgeous! A silver Motorola Razr! It's got a color screen, photo & video ability, bluetooth and internet access.. I absolutely LOVE it!! When I first moved here, she bought me a cellphone so I wouldn't be afraid of getting lost. It's mostly used to text our little love messages and shopping lists. I have used it once for it's intended purpose.... lost and crying in the car, unknowingly only 2 seconds from home! Much as I'm not a phone maniac like she is, I've really come to appreciate having one. And this new phone's a beaut!

I began cleaning out my school files yesterday, finally starting to throw away a bunch of my research materials accumulated while in college. It's about time I realized I won't be using that stuff anytime soon. Business with Management.... hell, just let me into a business. I'll pass on the management bit if you'll please give me an escape from the Kwikie!

I found a bunch of my assignments too and marveled at my smarts as I read them. Go ahead, call me conceited.. but I got good grades. I enjoyed school. I'm good at school. Wish that translated into the real world, or that I could be paid for being a permanent student. Ahhh, if wishes were fishes... but no, my brain moulders away.

Lynne had a hospital visit yesterday. Hope she doesn't mind me sharing this, but she had an IUD put in. It's got hormones right in it which commonly shut down periods. The idea is that 1) if she doesn't have periods, her period pain is gone. 2) Rather than taking the pill and setting those hormones loose on the whole body, possibly encouraging her endo ... the IUD's hormones are so localized they supposedly only affect the womb itself.

We were both nervous about doing this. These things take a while to settle in, with spotting through predicted for a possible six months. God only knows what else. Lynne's done so well finding an even keel with her pain that we worry about this throwing a wrench in what we KNOW she can already handle! It's not ideal right now, but it's manageable, you know? Still, the specialists say this IUD has worked very well for a majority of endo sufferers so she's decided to try it.

She's hurting today, but she's already better than yesterday. Still full of pain medicine, in her jammies, she's gone over to her sis who lives 'next door' to have coffee. I'm satisfied she's on the mend and pray this thing really does the trick. At least I can rest easy now knowing I won't be getting her pregnant.


~ nellenelle said...

*hugs* to Lynne, I hope it works well for her... that it has for many others has to be a sign of encouragement.

Nice gift, now to get you lost so you can be rescued...

NursePam said...

Oh! I hope the IUD works. I hadn't heard of this. The marvels of modern medicine, eh?

Is it your birthday you little stinker? Is it your anniversary? Do tell.

Hugs to both of you!

Elle said...

oh let us know how she gets on with it. I get bad pain too (although not endo-level pain!) and would be very interested to know if this actually works!

also lol to the getting her pg comment ;o)

The Editor said...

Well, now that you know you'll not get her preggers, you can cavort wildy and freely on your b-day! Whoooooo-hoooo! Giddy up, giddy up! ;^)

Francesca said...

Hugs to Lynne and fingers crossed it helps to ease things for her...AND you don't get her pregnant now!!!! lol

Lovely gift from Lynne!