Saturday, September 26, 2009

There and Back

I'm home :)

Sitting here, trying to formulate my words, deciding where to start, I realise I'm tired. Even after a nap yesterday and 12 hrs sleep last night, my brain is still mush.

My darling Lou was able to pick me up from the airport. That's the best part of coming home. She always looks extra cute, extra sexy and her accent absolutely thrills me. Her lips are twice as soft after a separation and her eyes are that much bluer. I am a big girl and know I can cope very well on my own but, my God, do I miss my woman.

There's loads of details, some of which I'll share later.. but for now.. my blood pressure does need treatment but isn't as high as we thought and is within the range that should be manageable with one medication.. and I have slightly higher cholesterol that needs attention... but otherwise, I am healthy enough and

I am a match.


Shawny Sun said...

Welcome back and thanks for the update! Take care of yourself, okay. Hugs!

Ting said...

So happy for you and DD! Take care and hugs!

kitty litter said...

you go girl!