Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Real Day Off !

It's after eleven. I'm still in my jammies, have the ever-unruly hair back with a headband. LOL.. you know I'm not officially 'up' if my hair's not done. But I'm having my first real day off in ages and I mean to enjoy it... slowly. At my leisure.

Oh, there's a short list of things I'll do;

1) make a beef casserole for dinner. Tastes delicious, makes the house smell warm and welcoming.. and with our misty-grey day, seems so suitable.. autumnal and soothing.

2) change the cat's litterbox. Actually that'll happen before I cook. *urg*

3) sweep up the mess the garbagemen left in front of the entrance to our flats. (They call them 'binmen' over here, laugh when I say garbage.) I'll probably sweep out the covered entryway too.

YAAAAK! I hate the buzzer to our flat!! It's soOOo incredibly loud, I ALWAYS jump! We just had a little 'delivery' intermission there... *deep breaths* give me a sec to get my heartrate down again...

4) okay, this is 'iffy' territory.. I have a bag of about 75 daffodil and narcissus bulbs that need planting. A resident gave them to me, after he gave us permission to uproot two small conifers in the garden. They were doing so poorly, and apparently they'd belonged to his grandmother. I'm delighted to have the flowers, but the bed they're meant for is about really big! I'm not sure my poor lil bod is up to that much digging so soon after the last yard job. But if I delay, and it starts raining again...

5) tidy my own small flowerbed. My climbing rose has a few new buds on it, and so does the blue Rhapsody. The dahlias really need deadheading, might get a bit more bloom out of them yet if the weather stays mild. Time to yank the petunias.. they're thrashed, ditto most of the sweetpeas. The dead-forest of hollyhock needs to be logged, tho it'll make that portion look a bit bare.

6) find my zucchini bread recipe. mmm, that's going to be my next treat for us, for Lynne's department at work. ( Zucchini are called courgettes over here and eggplant are aubergines. I have to do a mental translation in my head each time I scan for the PLU to these items at the grocery store *crossing my eyes* )

I think that's about it. There'll most likely be plenty of other puttery things thrown in for good measure. I'm not sure I can even be bothered to shower.. LOL. But it's my day off..

*hand on hip, fulla 'tude*
it's my perogative ~~


~ nellenelle said...

How'd ya do?

Kim said...

I managed 5 out of 6, skipping the bulb planting. I had grabbed a flat shovel to clean the garbagemen's mess and nearly fell over, it felt heavy... and I knew I'd not be doing any digging or bed prep yet!

Added to the list later; cleaning two pair of muddy shoes. Full of dirt, they'd been in the hall outside the flat for a few days.

*is such a good girl*
LOL! ~

~ nellenelle said...

Yay for 5 out of 6; that ain't bad!