Friday, October 21, 2005

So, Where Are All the Proper Ads?

Right. I get my allowance to stay from Immigration. It's wonderful, it's lovely. The champagne bubbles went straight to my head.. and have largely stayed there, as I go all goosebumpy everytime I say, 'I can stay'. And I've been saying it a lot! Poor Lynne, she must be wondering when I will cease to marvel at my residency.

But why, now that I'm allowed to work properly (or 'professionally'... though I'm STILL not going to be doing any dancing or singing), have all the appealing job ads disappeared? Bah! The only thing I've found after hours of searching tonight, is a project coordinator for one of the liverpool museums. I'm not even sure what a project coordinator DOES... but working for a museum sounds very cool. Like, I could never get anything done, I'd be walking around scrutinizing the exhibits all the time... LOL. What the hell, I may have a go at an application anyway. I love museums.

On another front, I have discovered I am more 'out' at work than I suspected. My bud from school, Daniel, has told my line manager, Helen that I LIVE live with Lynne. LOL. That's exactly how she put it too. She only shared this after I'd bubbled all over everyone the news that I'm allowed to stay. Helen said, 'Lynne must be so relieved.' My brain did a massive e-brake, smoke and all... since I'd never told her my darling Lynne is THE ONLY reason for which I'd stay. Picture my face, incredibly chagrinned as I tried to figure the best way to ask her how she knew!

Additionally, Lynne met up with one of her former students last week, only to find he's working at the Kwikie with me! He came over and introduced himself to me night before last, saying how boss she is, and that she was his fav teacher. He is a sweetheart, rather bashful and quiet. He may or may not have figured that I am Lynne's partner, but SHE is obviously gay. It'll take two seconds asking the right questions for him to know she and I live together.

omg, I HAVE got to get to bed. It's three am.


~ nellenelle said...

rofl! Go to bed!

Funny how we are more out than we think...

Job search is really frustrating, and for a while it seemed so overwhelming. A few interviews, and you wonder if you will be hired, what is wrong, what you can do better... yet the perfect job for me came around, it took a while, but did. The same thing will happen for you, I'm certain of it!

Have faith, the most important part is done. The job will come.

*hugs* to you and Lynne...

NursePam said...

I so know this is going to work for you Nony. On every front.

As for being more out than you thought, here's a wee story. One of my new nurses came into my office yesterday just to tell me a story about a friend of hers who is (pointedly stated) a lesbian. There *was* no other point to her story. Interesting...