Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Billion Things

Okay, so I won't really burden you with the billion and one things whizzing around in my head... but you're getting the top of the list. From today: and it's only past noon...

At three years old, my car now needs an annual MOT. A few nights ago, Lynne and I realized it's actually overdue now as it's birthday was on Halloween. (Funny how two big deadlines fell on that date this year.) This morning, I left it with John, our fav, HONEST, local repairman. My car's in GREAT shape, there was no way it would need any work, right? Wrong. It wants front and rear brakes. Two Hundred and Ten Pounds. Ouch!!! And they're not even sure they can get it all finished today. I might have to take the train into work tomorrow. Think it'll quit raining?

The good news: I have an appointment on Nov 21st for an interview at the bank! YAAAAAY! Structured interview plus role-play. They sent guidelines with their online preapplication pack, so I know what it is I need to study. I am brainstorming for examples of my experience that will positively match the 'competencies' they're looking for. LynnieLou is going to help me with interview techniques and practice. My woman's so sweet, encouraging and inspiring!

Skirting the parameters; a driver's license. From what I understand, as a student, my US driver's license is good for a year from the last time I entered the country. I've been in and out often enough to get away with NOT having a UK one. In fact, I don't think you can even get one unless you are a resident. I renewed my Montana license when I was home this summer...

But now I'm a temporary resident. In two years Lynne and I write a letter, send an application and the temporary part is dropped.. I get to be a resident then. By that time though, I'll have been driving in this country for four years without one of their licenses. Somehow I don't think that's right. Maybe I've been misinterpreting something, maybe I've just been lying to myself.

But it's time to send away for the provisional license. After I dropped the car, I sealed up the application, along with a check, ANOTHER copy of that ugly photo and my passport (to verify ID) making it ready to send. I was gonna be such a GOOD girl! We even have tenative plans for me to take some lessons, bone up on the details a person sort of lets slide after driving 20 years already. Like the 10/2 o'clock positions and passing the steering wheel through your hands instead of the Dukes of Hazzard spin-on-the-palm cornering!

But I need my passport for the bank interview. I'm laughing now... and I can't think of that word for putting off unpleasant chores.. *grin* But it's not my fault this time either. hahahahaaa.. really!


NursePam said...

LOL! I think the word you are looking for is procrastination; something with which I am overly familiar. Best of luck with your interview!

Kim said...

AWWW.. Thank you Pammie! *big squeeze* and procrastination is EXACTLY the word ;)

~ nellenelle said...

lmao at spin on the palms cornering >cough,< ah don't know anyone what drives that way, it's hands at 10/2 >cough< Which is why I buy 5 speeds, eh?

Boohoo on the car; yahoo on the interview! You will do great! I did the structured interview thingie for this job, twice even, and also had to do a hands on one. If I can survive the experience, you certainly can.

>pictures Kimmie in 3 piece suit on bankers row<

Maybe that should be procrastinator's row, because we have a 3 for 3 with this group.

Best wishes!!!