Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Olga's Visit

We had a REALLY lovely time with Olga during her visit! On Thursday night, we took her to a pub on the river for dinner. The place has stunning views, and a nice menu. We gabbed away, getting up to date on everyone's 'happenings' as dusk drew in over the water outside.

Friday, we wanted to show her a bit more of Liverpool, so we went to Albert Dock. ( http://www.albertdock.com/aboutus/index.php ) . We looked at modern furniture.. okay,we sat on it and rolled around on it and completely scrutinized it as if we knew two whiffs about fine furniture. We thumbed through many art canvases and drooled our way through candy stores. We stopped at Starbucks and a novelty shop full of Halloween nonsense. The time flew by.

Before heading home, we took Olga to see the Anglican Cathedral. ( http://www.merseyworld.com/cathedral/ ) Lynne and I have been inside it before, but there was a choir in there the first time and we couldn't explore much. During this trip, I saw different parts of this gigantic church that I never even knew existed. While it would be hard to define what I feel about religion, this church is still amazing. The artwork of the massive stone arches, dragon/gargoyles clinging to the outside and mutitudes upon multitudes of colors in the intricate stained glass. The organpipes are HUGE as is the gold altar. Priests who've served there are also entombed there, with coffin covers carved to look like their faces and hands and gowns.

It's a crazy place, really. All that effort produced something so beautiful. But it's astounds me, all the money and resources that are and have been allocated for such a thing as religion.

Olga flew out early Saturday afternoon, with promises from us to make a trip over to Ireland again next spring. She's so much fun. You could hear her playing with the cat in her room, the sound of her feet shuffling around under the duvet.. and her squealing when Riz pounced. Giggling trying to keep quiet. I hope she enjoyed the visit as much as we did!


~ nellenelle said...

Yanno, I just read your response to my chocolate mission admission, and was about to post admonishing you for not writing here recently, but well... ya must have read mah mind!

Thank you for sharing the story, and um... [i]rolling around on it?[/i]

The church is beautiful, though I share your same questions... still architecture is there for the admiring, so I'll admire. The Dock area sounds truly intriguing!

I'm glad ya all had a good time!

Rolling around? No jumping? Not enough chocolate! ;-)

Ooh... word veri is 'fowie.'

~ nellenelle said...

Ok, so I used the wrong tags, duh.

NursePam said...

Glad to hear y'all had such a great visit. The church sounds awesome. Not sure how I would feel about dead priests though. ;^)