Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Waiting for That Call

The callback on my job application never came last night. I carted the phone with me everywhere I went.. but it wouldn't ring for me, no matter how hard I squeezed it. Still I felt okay. I know things come up at work that force delays. And writing of the events in my blog had helped me to feel calmer about the outcome. I just didn't want this to spoil my evening.

See, Lynne and I, along with five of her sisters, had arranged to help decorate a pub managed by yet another sister. The seven of us fit in one van, and we sang along to christmas music as we traveled. We sang badly, off-key, and with enthusiasm. We dared eachother to roll the windows down at stoplights and teased about cruising neighborhoods as car carolers. Omg, how we laughed!!

Laura had bags and bags of supplies waiting for us when we got there... in addition to a santa hat for every one of us. The customers were amazed, disbelieving they were all related. *laugh* They're all small, 5'1 or 5'2... and with the hats, I think they looked like little elves!!

We did a brilliant job on the pub.. ropes of evergreen swags with red & gold ribbons and balls. Lots of twinkle lights and tinsel and a tree gorgeous and full. It all looked perfect against the older dark wood features.

I was very conscious of how lucky I am.My sweetheart is everything and more than I ever could have asked for. Her huge family accepts me unconditionally and naturally includes me. This is my spectacular fortune and I need to remember to be grateful when other things feel less than perfect.

The call came this morning. Unfortunately my application was unsuccessful, I didn't meet their benchmark. The details in my interview were weak but they loved my role play. Apparently they were quite impressed with the way I speak to customers.

Debbie asked if I might be willing to start as a cashier. She wants me to call their recruitment line and register my interest in a cashier role in her branch. Yes, I'd be starting at a much smaller salary.. BUT #1) I know I need to learn what's what in THIS world #2) I'd be in the banking environment which I want and #3) this place has such a good training and promotion scheme.

In fact, I was planning to ask about cashiering before she even brought it up. I HAVE to get out of the Kwikie and know I'm getting close to the point where I'd take anything. Hell, I have to fight simply quitting without ANY job to go to, I want out that badly!!

And it's funny, although I didn't get the job, I feel almost complimented in that they liked me well enough to consider another spot where I might fit for them. Ever the optimist, hey? :)


Anonymous said...

ooohhhh...a new blogger!
Sorry about the main job Nony ...but as a gardner you know that when you start with manure the blossoms are brighter in the end! Go for that cashiers job!

~ nellenelle said...

I agree, go fer it... this is hardly a dead end position. Get in the door, show 'em what you can do, and >poof!<

Most jobs are never posted beyond the doors of a company, and this gives you the inside track. I've done this twice, first many many years ago in insurance, and just over the last year. If you believe in you, and I know you, as well as all of us do... then you know that first foot in the door is all you need. If this field is where you have desire to be, then the right move is to accept. Enthusiastically!

Um... I cannot leave without commenting on the singing, cavorting, and general merryment on your pub decorating excursion. Sounds like a blast!

...but no fire drill whilst at a traffic light? ;-)

Kim said...

LOVE that analogy, ttt! To successfully plant in a field, essential knowledge has to be the makeup of the dirt itself.. *grin* What a nice surprise to see you here ~

Kim said...

LMAO @ nelle.. a fire drill? QUITE out of the ordinary here, so very american... and the driving sister would have had KITTENS! You're so bad... as if I don't already cause enough mayhem here!
*hugs* ~~

~ nellenelle said...


the redhead, lav, kballu, and I did this in Florida at smiely's 40th b day party... the redhead was preggers at the time, was driving, and it was her idea. Lav was totally opposed to this. We get to a light, the redhead's door flies open... next thing ya know, kballu is out, I am out, and lav stays in... we all run around like idiots and now I'm driving, setting next to a not so happy lav. The redhead had some smooth talkin' to do after that incident!

~ nellenelle said...

Oh, btw... though it is not a UK holiday... Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lynne...

NursePam said...

The perfect job is waiting somewhere there for you Nony. In the meantime, you really are blessed in having that family support. It almost makes me homesick for my own crazy sibs.

Trop said...

Ahhhh... job woes. We've been through them here with Court's job situation. She came so close. Monday she goes back to her part-time chair, to report to the person who got the job. She's handling it with a lot of grace and dignity. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, jobs especially. The right job will find its way to you, Kim. Always have faith in yourself, and NEVER ever give up on your dreams.

Mrs. Dr. S. said...

Job hunting ~ bah humbug! I haven't found anything yet that I hate more :P

Great blog! ~hugs~

Kim said...

*waves hi to Courtney & Kim* It's nice to see you both here .. and I appreciate the words of confidence. Court, I've seen your blog and knew instantly we could relate to eachother with this job hunting crap!! Keep your chin up girl, stick yer tits out, shoulders back and go get 'em!! ~ Kim