Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Holey Cow. Where has the day gone? I'm so busy I shouldn't even be on this thing. But I promised myself a break and I've been working steadily since I got up at 9:30. For the length of time it takes me to drink this cup of coffee, I'm allowing myself to sit and veg with you. LOL

I've wrapped the last of my gifts today. Didn't realize how many were left... nearly two dozen, in spite of the fact this HAS to be a low-spend christmas. They all have to go in my luggage, THE suitcase Lynne and I are sharing. *snicker* I hope HER gifts are small!

My next chore this afternoon is to pack the suitcase. We're flying tomorrow. These things would have been done sooner but Lynne's down with her monthly and I have managed to catch an amazing sinus/chest cold. No, don't feel pity for me. It's a karmic joke on me for taking a 'sickie' to have ONE day off WITH Lynne (rare thing) to finish the christmas shopping. We even bumped into another off-duty co-worker of mine! Ha ha, I didn't even have to make up a reason for the sickie, I had this cold full on the very next day. Nasty cough, weird voice. Everything.

Lynne will be all right, she says. We're flying business class, courtesy of her frequent flyer miles. She can medicate knowing I'm there to look after her. I'll be the one all hopped up on antihistamines so I can breathe (and my head doesn't explode with the pressure changes). Oddball note* This will be the first time Lynne and I have ever made that long-haul trip together :)

I'm excited about the trip!!! For the most part, the plan is to make this a cozy, cuddly christmas. Not much running around, you know? Sus' is waiting for us to arrive so we can all put up the tree together. And we're going to do a christmas dinner. Son and daughter are scoping out all the best places to go view lights.. but that's about it for what we have planned. Sounds perfect to me. I want only time to enjoy these four people closest to my heart.


Anonymous said...

*Raising her Glass*
To a safe flight with no boogers on the ceiling and a wonderful visit

~ nellenelle said...

Sending out good thoughts Lynne is at least a bit better for flying... *hugs*

Have a great time! I'm glad ya posted, I sent along email well wishes, but with all da packing (ONE suitcase? Fer two? Yikes!) figured you would see it upon yer return.

Have a great flight, an even greater time, and... relax.


~ nellenelle said...

...lmao at ttt!

Trop said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Nony! Hugs to Lou!

NursePam said...

Have a wonderful time you two! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.