Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Scribble ~

Another job rejection came in the mail today. Whoo hoo, whatta ya gonna do, right? Mostly, I'd like to just lay in bed with the covers over my head and wish for the perfect job to land on me.. but that's not going to happen. So I will continue on, even increasing my efforts after the holidays with this self-flagellation that has become job hunting.

A survey came in the mail not long ago, sent from the college where I obtained my degree. In it they ask about what I'm doing for work.. basically a follow up on the results of this glorious boost I have given myself through further education. I'll give them a boost... *sigh* But the cover letter to this thing reminded me of their career counseling services. I don't quite know what I need to make myself marketable in this environment, so this counseling service is probably a good idea. *note to self - make appointment*

I'm getting all excited about our trip. While we hate the flights, it'll be different this time, in that we're travelling together! I'm starting to make lists in my head, things to take, things to bring back (stuff I haven't yet found here). I think my gifts are all bought.. I even won the scarf I bid for on eBay last night, my first purchase there! I can't wait to see the kids, hug them and kiss them and be silly with them. Yes, they're irresponsible little nutjobs, doing many of the same things I used to do at that age... but they're growing older and someday let's hope, demonstrably wiser.

OMG.. I almost forgot.. Lynne gave us an early Christmas present! She phoned our home insurance on the chance we'd been wrong in our assumptions over the theft of our bikes. We're insured!!!!! With only a £50 deductable, we're entitled to replacement value of £300 .. EACH! YAAY!! I am over the moon.

Tonight, Lynne and I are going out for Christmas dinner. She's going to a faculty thing (just the English dept) down by the pierhead. I'll be somewhere in town as well, with Mark and Clare who are friends from college. Poor Lynne, she should dump her gig and come with me. They're all just going to sit around and talk about work and the PITA the kids have become along with their dissatisfaction in the system. I haven't seen my friends in six months and can't wait to get all caught up in what they've been doing. Since I'm taking the train, I'll be drinking as well :) I'm quite looking forward to my night out!


Anonymous said...

ya know Kim...Lise went through the same thing here.....HUNDREDS of teaching jobs in the paper...applied for hundreds....interviews went GREAT...nothing came of any of them. Then one day, out of the blue...."hello, this is the state of CT, we have tailored a job to fit you....your dream job...and we'll sponsor you to stay in the country" It DOES WILL happen for you!

Kim said...

omg, AND they sponsor her too? That's fabulous! I wanted that so badly for Lynne, so that she could come to the states, but it just wasn't possible.

Still, I know I'm in for a bit of a slog. My sarcasm here really is a step up from the depression I'd been feeling earlier. At least I'm laughing, right? And I've had it nowhere near as bad as our poor Courtney... so I'm trying to keep my perspective too.

Thanks for the encouragement!

NursePam said...

Congratulations on your ebay win sweet pea. Have fun on your night out. The job will come. In the meantime, you have a lovely Christmas to look forward to. Sending you lots of employment angels. And do make that appointment with your University counselors.

~ nellenelle said...

Hope ya had a wonderful time last evening... both of you!

I have great faith in you, but patience on the front side is quite different than on the back side (not *that* back side!)

You *will* find work... you may have to agonise. You may lie awake a night or two, but one day the right job at the right time for you will be there. Count on it.

I was rejected hundreds of times... but in the end something that perfectly matched my skills arrived, and the timing was perfect.

You know you can you know you can you know you can... ch-ch-CH-CHo-CHOo-CHOO-OOOOOOO

Trop said...

Jobs! Can't live without them, and too often you can't live with them either. Sorry the job hunt has been so frustrating. Believe in yourself. The job for you is out there, it just hasn't found you yet.