Friday, December 09, 2005

A Fine Whine

Remember SNL's reoccurring skit, 'Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey'? Sometimes I feel like that character when I'm writing here, pretending the mundane is deep...

'Maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself: "Mankind". Basically, it's made up of two separate words - "mank" and "ind". What do these words mean ? It's a mystery, and that's why so is mankind. '

The Kwikie job grows ever more joyous by the day. Apparently someone with access to the cash room has stolen £1350. The auditors have interviewed everyone who was working that day and have reviewed all the CCTV cameras.. but have no idea who it is. The line manager on duty that day is near to having a breakdown.. not that she's being blamed, but of course she feels the responsibility. Worse, she's looking at workmates, people she considers friends and wondering if they could have done this terrible thing, just watching as she's left dumped in the mess. I feel awful for her. Coincidentally, I can't help think of her suggestion two weeks ago that I not leave but apply for a management position in the store. First I felt a sense of appreciation for the compliment.. then I told her the place was ALL fucked up and I didn't want the headaches. LOL>> blunt but eerily prescient, huh?

Directly affecting me however, is the screwup someone's made of our change order. We only get coin from our bank once a week. This week, we had no .05 p coins. Two days later, all the .10 p coins were gone too. If I can't beg exact change off customers, I'm handing out up to .19 pence in in pennies and two-pences. I'm literally SHOVELING the copper out the door. New rules have been applied as to how we get change, due to the theft.. but the new procedure takes extra time and extra steps that the managers are none too happy about. So I'm crying for coin, my drawer is empty below .20 p and managers snarl at me when I call their name for more. The customers are none too happy either. They want to just throw a note at me, for speed.. but don't like having to take two lbs worth of change in return.

I fantasized last night about walking out the door when I could no longer make change for a pound.

But I've made a mental adjustment and I'm trying to keep it. I AM stronger than this crap. I WILL not have some breakdown and walk out on my job. It's not who I am and being new here isn't some pass to emotional feebleness.

I am gonna whine some though.


~ nellenelle said...

You make a fine shiraz, ms nony ;-)

When your work day gets tough, remember it is temporary...

By the way, I love thank 'mank' and 'ind!'

OK, post done, and so are the four white chocolate chip cookies what accompanied me up here...

NursePam said...

Sending you a nice little brie to go with that fine whine ;^)

I feel your pain. Every job has its headaches. But when you reach a certain place in life, it is worse to have to handle low level nonsense in a low paying job.