Friday, December 02, 2005

On The Upswing

OMG, the sun is out! It's been nasty and miserable these last few days, cold and blowing, with torrents of rain. We even saw half an hour's worth of snow one morning, though it melted right away. I've had to scrape ice from my car windows a few times and wait for serious de-fogging before heading home from work. Wonder how long the sun will last?

I'm told there's snow on the ground in Montana. Sus writes that it looks very festive and that she's looking forward to our visit this christmas. I'm feeling better about it myself.. and have been brainstorming ideas for gifts.

She also writes that she saw the kids recently. My son delivers pizzas and sometimes will take my daughter along for the company. They recognized her SUV in a parking lot and went inside just to say hi and give hugs. This pleases me on so many levels. I love that my kids have such a close bond, that they enjoy eachother's company and emotional support. I love their recognition of Sus, and that they appreciate her enough in their own rights to want to see her. It makes me proud.

Sus also reported on my son's newest 'look'. Ever the attention-seeker, my sagittarius, he's not only dyed his hair orange, but is currently wearing it in a mohawk. His cheek has also been pierced. Now, he told me about all this on the phone already. I laughed at the hair... I've let them/ helped them color their locks since early teens. In retrospect, it may not have been the most sensible thing to allow.. but hey, it's only hair and we had battles enough going. The piercing makes me cringe however. Eeeew, I told him, I just can't helping thinking it's dirty. Still, Sus was kind. She loves my kids and really appreciated their stopping. She wrote that she pictures him right at home as some Euro punk on the streets of London. LOL.. hope that isn't a euphemism for 'dark alley'!

On December 5th this year (same day as darling son's birthday), the UK makes civil unions available. I wish they could have used the term marriage, for it allows all the same benefits .. and I seriously despise there even HAVING to be a difference in terms to get this shit through, even Canada rejected the implication of inequality and called it marriage... but I'm ranting. LynnieLou and I are going to do this. We want it for ourselves and for eachother.

We have to go and sign our intention. Then I think we wait two weeks, which has something to do with banns. Then we can go before the court official and sign for the civil union. I'm going to look into this banns thing, it sounds terribly old fashioned and interesting. And Lynne says we need to make sure we don't need further permission from Home Office because of my temporary residency status. Make sure we don't need more paperwork or that other hoops will demand jumping through.

We haven't tried to set a date yet. One particular anniversary date is unthinkable ... as it's also the date (one year removed) upon which a family member was taken from us. I'd also like to speak with the kids first. They know it's coming as we talk about it very occasionally .. but I sort of want their blessing. Honestly, I wouldn't let the lack of their approval stop us... but I respect their feelings enough to not present it as fait accompli (sp?). With plenty of experience through her own large family, Lynne completely understands.

We're going to be married this spring, if not late winter. Just the civil 'ceremony' with a family reception of sorts to follow. My heart sings with joy at the thought. Though the steps aren't necessary to further commit my heart... I am delighted and awe-struck at the hurdles my gorgeous wee woman has been willing to undertake with me in order to keep us together. I can feel the love radiating off my little butch-that-isn't. I'm incredibly proud of her and what we've done.

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~ nellenelle said...

First off, early berfday wishes!

Yay to taking that next step >puts on mah whatever spiritual robe and pronounces Lynne and Kim hitched<

See, easy! Seriously, the love you have for each other not only is obvious, it is very pleasing to see.

I'm thinking *you* should dye your hair and get a mohawk for the trip to Montana.