Thursday, January 26, 2006

Two In a Row, How Lucky Are You??

Today was going to be a busy day. A trip to the big DIY store to match that screw that fell out of our cupboard doorhandle. Grab one more bag of bark chips for the back garden, and sneak a peek at the early blooming trays ;) I see primroses already.. YAY. Oh and my daffs/tulips/narcissus mix at the far end are beginning to poke little crumbly holes out of the warming earth. But I digress..

Included on the list was laundry and the creation of a very fine dinner. Lightly fried mushrooms and sliced green onions, in butter and tarragon,poured over fresh cod fillets and baked. Crumble bacon over the top and devour. Wish I actually HAD the green onion, another thing I had to stop for... piss poor planning on the part of the shop girl who was ACTUALLY at work last night!

While I'm at it, I might as well wish I had the screw already too... Because the simple fact is, I'm not going out. Today also happens to be Day Two of the monthly. Day one is cramps. Take the ibuprofen to work through it... and know that once all that blood thinning action of said medicine hits you, Day Two comes. (Yes, I'm being gross here in my bluntness... just remember it's part of my charm... heheheh) Day Two is OMG day... Don't cough, don't sneeze, change timing ignored at peril. Bleed like a stuck pig.

Uhhhhhhhh... Maybe I'm anemic. But I'm so relieved to be home and I ain't goin out! Still, the laundry's going. I'm going to do a light batter and fry the cod, we'll do the asparagus and maybe a pilaf. Dishes will be washed before Lynne comes home.. lol. I'm washed and brushed :)

And I've being doing my vegging thing, 'cruising the boards'. (*warning - abrupt change of topic*) I have to say I'm really worried about our USA right now. Bush scares me. His wiretapping CAN'T be constitutionally legal. He is so isolated from the people, handpicking audiences in media stunts with tightly controlled questions/questioners... accompanied by an amazing breakdown in oversight and accountability. Where are all the voices, other people MUST be as concerned. Can I do anything from here?

The 'mythical' Gay Agenda... belongs in reality to Bush and his rabid christians. Yes, I'm a meanie to say that.. but it's how I feel. Why deny me equal rights? For Bush and his financiers, it's money. Keep me out of social marital benefits.. after all, someone has to NOT collect, otherwise the system will go bankrupt *smirk* Ohhh.. and not to mention will pull all the rabid christians to vote!! Whoo hoo, double play.. don't you just gnash at the mental image of THAT high-five?

Mighty upon their pedestal, hate the sin, not the sinner. You know what? I can't even accept the word 'tolerate' anymore. It's negative. Why is their love better than mine? Who are they, with their equal feet of clay, to judge?

I'm a pissed off American.

And I'm ranting again. *putting her magaphone away* I'm off to do dishes, then fold some clothes while I watch a gardening program. Root out the box of chocolates ~


~ nellenelle said...

Rant away! Sorry ya have such a rough go of it, not a problem I've had to wrestle with... *hugs*

um, wished to say something on tolerance. I've long written objections to the word, my preference being a substitution of two words: understanding and acceptance. Tolerance implies we exist at the pleasure (and peril) of others, and well... no flipping way.

Trop said...

I'm a pissed off American too. I'm wondering if we can stage our own version of the Boston Tea Party--taxation without representation. I feel like a non-citizen. USA is becoming more fascist by the day. And Virginia is the worst!

It ain't stopping Court and me from getting married.

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your post but don't know how else to contact you. My dog just chewed up our only copy of Ant & Bee! This book is a family tradition and is out of print. People in UK are selling on E-Bay but will only ship to the UK. If I win one can I have it shipped to you guys???

~ nellenelle said...

Soozi, when are you going to start blogging?

NursePam said...

Bushwhacker's "Gay Agenda" keeps our eyes off the fact that we are kidnapping the wives of Iranian dissidents in order to bring the evildoers out of hiding. Just one of a few atrocities that he and his minions are OK with. Another is Alito.

Kim said...

Course you can Sooz. Didja get the email with my proper addy in it?

Good luck with ebay! ~ Kim