Friday, February 03, 2006

Gay Cowboys

Lesbian Trailer Trash ?!? Hey! I resemble that comment!! LOL..

Our dearest NursePammie has posted in her blog, a link from about the reception of the movie 'Brokeback Mountain', in my little northwest corner of Montana.

It's freaked me out a little bit, actually, hearing of the reception in my old stomping grounds. Home at Christmas, Lynne and I had many occasions to see the ads on TV. One conversation in particular sticks in my mind. I've been chewing on it ever since... hence the 'freaking' .. lol.

We were talking about how well it would do. Hopefully, Lynne remembers more of the convo, because my mind stopped when Sus snorted at the idea of a gay cowboy. As if!

Lynne and I had a little laugh later, over how silly the presumption seemed to Sus. Poor little heart, of course there were/are gay cowboys. (Do I have statistics? Nope. Show me a list of facts, I'll suggest fear of homophobia skewing the results... so don't even try to argue with me. I'm a lost cause.) But, as I remember, we did let it go with her. Best friend/ hostess manners and all that.

So now I'm mulling over 2 things;

1) Is it possible Sus was teasing, being ridiculous so to infer that the opposite was inarguably true? If the answer is no, what then? Sus HAS cowboyed, worked a ranch, led horseback trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, hunts and is a rodeo fiend. So... what?! Cowboys are too macho? Too isolated, to --- what -- to be gay? I'd never suggest it was the LARGEST gay-populated field. But to truly believe there are absolutely NO gay cowboys? hmmmm.

2) Why didn't I better stand up for the gay community?


NursePam said...

Sometimes, with family, it's better to not jump into the fray. Just because Montana showed up for the film today does not mean they will be welcoming us with open arms tomorrow.

~ nellenelle said...

As with about all of us, being rooted to a closet was what we did. Think of pro sports, the majors... think any of the players would come out as gay? Yet look at the women's league, where acceptance is the rule... many are out.

If cowboy life is such that it discourages someone being out, they are likely underground, but they are there.

2) Kim, as far as the interaction within your family is concerned, you and Lynne *are* the gay community. You are out. You were there... what else is there to do? Argue with them? Nope... what changes minds is people. Living, breathing brothers, sisters, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, neices, nephews, grandparents, etc... just by their very existence, by the knowledge others in the family have of them as good people... changes minds a whole lot more than arguing.

You get to see your family so little, and I'm sure would like it to be a pleasant experience (and you wouldn't want Lynne in flak jacket and helmet, right?

My point being... ya did fine.