Monday, February 06, 2006

Back At It ...

Well, I've got my learner's permit now. No great accomplishment, really. Send in a form, a pic, proof of ID along with a check. You get something like a driver's license, only with a different background color.

Next comes a few lessons, which I can pay for with my gardening money. I've got the Highway Code and Learner's Manual out. Hopefully if I leave it in plain view, I can use my spare time more productively. (Insight.. self-defined current need; better personal productivity)

I'm challenged to set a date for the Theory Test. Most of the questions are so obvious.. I'd like to think that's due to natural, cautious driving ability, 20 years in practice. But the signs are fucking with me.

It's the randomness, the generalities. *running for the book* Take for instance; 'The signs with red circles are mostly prohibitive.' Okay. I can get that. But how come a few of the signs have the red bar thru the circle too? This is the sign I EASILY understand as NO. Are they MORE prohibited? With that us my underlying, seeing the red circles without the bar makes my mind go off in wierd tangents. The bus in the red circle ... only buses? Ugh. No Kim!

Somehow, I'm reminded of my struggles with math in school. For some reason, I always wanted to ask why? Who says? LOL.. nevermind. THEY say. Get it into your head and run with it. *laughing*

I've also decided to create an alternate CV, something more focused on an admin job. No, it's not what I want to do for a living. But I have the skills. That income would be a great improvement on the Kwikie and I can probably wrangle regular weekends off. (Say that three times real fast *w*) I'd call that an improvement.

I'm trying to affect a better mental settling here. Somehow, balance my talent at school with the real world. A two-year Foundation Degree is not a three-year Honors Degree. My work background is scattered and not enough to support my piddly business management degree. So I'm shifting gears.

College was also something I did so I could be with Lynne. Maybe, career-wise, it's done me no good. Ditto monetarily. But I love this woman. And I know I can make something of myself here. It may be no great shakes to begin with... but look what I get to cuddle up next to and giggle with at night! Gimme my weekends off at job where I can progress, more Lynne-time, more money than now...

*happy happy*


~ nellenelle said...

I just read Emma's Secret, and now have bought the sequel... have any unknown relatives who own everything in London? ;-)

The uncertainty sucks, but everyone you know believes in you.

Now when ya take that driver's test... bring a blindfold. Instructors always relax when they see their student put it on.

Trop said...

I hope the exam is easier than the California drivers test. Man that was one tricky multiple choice test. I hope you find the job you are looking for. It appears you have it in the right balance, where the people in your life matter more than the jobs in your life. Still one longs for the self-actualizing job that is so elusive. Keep searching--it's out there waiting for you. Good luck!

NursePam said...

Keep the faith Nony. That extra education will make a difference for you somewhere down the road. Meantime, it appears that life is good :o)

Denise said...

I'm with Pammie on this one - have faith girl, the education will help in the long run. Might not feel like it right now, but it will.

I'm totally amused at your sign situation. Road signs are stupid. You should write a book about them!