Monday, April 24, 2006

A Quick One

Our computer keeps losing it's online connection. I can surf a bit, but whenever I stop to respond to any post, I lose my efforts to the inevitable disconnection. My last post was first saved to Word, then posted later. I HATE having to do that. Somehow it loses something in the delay.

LOL.. maybe it means I'm such a fucking gemini that I change my mind upon review and want to rejig the whole thing before it's up. That seems to be the case with another post I have saved on our laptop.

I've been in a blue funk for a bit. Normally, I try not to expose that side of me.. cos I KNOW I deserve a giant shaking and maybe a slap on the face. Some one to insist that I take ACTION and deal positively with the issues that piss me off or leave me despondent. *snort* Even I see that when I review the laptop post!! ( I do have to say that the Lovely Lynnie-Lou has been incredibly helpful with my child angsts. Bless her.)

Anyway, though I feel the urge to really pour it out here, if I tried, the computer would just eat it. In this respect, maybe the hand of fate is being good to me - or to you *wink*


~ nellenelle said...

I'm sure Lynne would agree, quickies are good...


Remember to feed yer computer hampsters.

If you have sumpin' on yer mind, and if you wish to share, we read, no matter what it might be. Goddess only knows what's left my brain.

NursePam said...

Stop that Nelle!

I certainly do understand what you mean about that gemini desire to continue changing things. Sometimes I just close my eyes and hit publish.

Say whatever you like darlin'. After all, it's your blog.


loubie said...

Quickies??? What's them??? ;)

Francesca said...

oh come on, now! Out with it, girl! This is what we're here for.

I find the blogging a great help in sorting my feelings and stuff out and I enjoy the feedback from everyone. It helps to put things in perspective while just getting it out.


Francesca said...

Get loubie to start a blog!!!!

Please! ;)