Thursday, April 27, 2006


Rizzo on the kitchen windowsill. She's sunbathing, playing jungle-kitty. I am a bad mamma for not chasing her down.


Elle said...

what a gorgeous kitty!

And do you dabble in photography as a serious hobby/profession? If not, you should consider it :o)

Lee said...

nice kitty picture, you're plants are beautiful

~ nellenelle said...

Awwww... that reminds me of the apartment we had from 79-84... there was this one porch/sunroom, all old windows. I put shelves up for plants, and our kitties would hang out there all day, soaking up sun and watching doings below.

Nice pic!

NursePam said...

Beautiful pic Nony. Lovely kitty. I agree with Elle on your skills with the camera.

Sandra said...

My how he's grown! I remember his kitten pic you posted at LL, seems like just yesterday.

Very nice photography work!