Sunday, May 21, 2006

ABC's of Lynnie-Lou

She left this in the comments section, but I feel sure it deserves front page.

ABCs of me
Accent: A very de(t/l)ectable Liverpudlian (or Scouse) accent. Makes it a bit of a challenge for some Americans to understand me at first. But, it's mostly because the intonations are so different methinks. (And BTW, Nony DOES have an do all of us ;))
Booze: love a cold beer when I'm thirsty and want to guzzle something down; a glass of red wine for the quintessential unwind; or a nice brandy...on the rocks before bed.
Chore I Hate: Changing the kitty litter! PONG! Good job that's Nony's chore, huh?!! ;)
Dog or Cat: Not sure. I love our lil black furball, Rizzo - but reckon I could dote on the right kind of dog. No doubt I'll find out when we finally have our own back yard.
Essential Electronics: the computer and the means to play my music.
Favorite Cologne: Toss up between Tommy Hilfiger and JPGautier, Le Male.
Gold or Silver: Silver
Hometown: Liverpool, England
Insomnia: Yes - I do sometimes have literally sleepless nights. But thankfully they are rare. More often it's the waking up on and off all night that gets me.
Job Title: English teacher
Kids: None of my own. But, I now consider Nony's scallywags as part of me, even though they aren't here with us. If ever they needed me, or there was anything I could do for them, I'd be RIGHT there.
Living Arrangements: Two bedroom flat, ground floor
Most Admirable Traits: I'm considerate, very aware of the feelings of others around me. Makes me sensitive in the right way I think.
Number of Sexual Partners: Nony is my fourth - and last ;)
Overnight Hospital Stays: one as a kid for dehydration; as an adult I think it's four times - mostly for Endometriosis related stuff.
Phobias: SPIDERS! Without a shadow of a doubt! :P
Quote: Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves. (Walter Anderson)
Siblings: Flip, where do I start?!!! I have six sisters, two brothers, three half sisters, and a couple of step-siblings.
Time I Wake Up: Between 6-6.30am for school. At the weekends (minus alarm clock) it varies. Most often between 9 and 10.
Unusual Talent or Skill: used to be a mean soccer player in my day. Nowadays? Probably the ability to handle the rogue kids at school that nobody else can get through to.
Vegetable I Love: Carrots
Worst Habit: Picking up after Nony (sorry baby *pout*)
X-Rays: Chest - as a kid when I was being checked out for a heart murmur.
Yummy Foods I Make: chicken and veggie stirfry, traditional British roast dinner, mashed potato.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer


The Editor said...


The only way I can eat carrots is if they are in a soup. Strange but raw carrots make me gag. Seriously, I've tried to eat them raw and end up gagging until I spit them out.

Take care,


~ nellenelle said...

I'm with ya on music... can get through most anything if I've access to music.

Nice to have a guest appearance by Lynn! *clamours for more*

NursePam said...

Lynnie Lou! Are you ever going to start your own blog? *smooches*

loubie said...

:) Thanks for the responses, ladies! Wasn't expecting any, it not being my blog and all.

As for starting a blog of my own - you think I should??????