Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gay News

My daughter emailed me yesterday, saying she's writing her junior paper on gay marriage. She wants my point of view on the reasons I think it's prohibition should be illegal and what I think about it being used in the last presidential election.

LOL.. she knows what I think AND agrees with me! I secretly believe she's asked me because she knows I've got the details... and an email from Mom is easier than her own reference work!! Bless her little heart though... she knows I can't resist!

Anyway, while surfing for current news on the use of gay marriage as a wedge issue, I found this;

I hope the link works and that I'm not breaking any laws in posting the link without asking... but you HAVE to see this.

Essentially, the Senate has agreed to vote on an amendment banning same sex marriage. It's not expected to pass, however Specter, the Republican Chairman has made the 'decision to hold the vote in the President's Room, where access by the general public is restricted, instead of in the panel's usual home in the Dirksen Senate Office Building.'

They want to change OUR constitution UNDERCOVER? . I love the comments.


~ nellenelle said...

It works, and nope, you aren't breaking any rules ;-)

Is all designed by an increasingly desperate party to try and get votes and save their arses this fall. It is increasingly likely Democrats will regain the House, though I doubt they can get the Senate...

Elle said...

If it passed, how would that work if gay couples visited the US? Eg what if you and Lynnie got married in a country that allows it and then went to the States for a visit. Would your legal marriage be recognised there?

Kim said...

elle ~
No, our legal marriage would NOT be recognized in the US. I could not dare list her as spouse or family on my entry documents. If hurt, she would not be counted as my next-of-kin and able to make health decisions for me. I could go to a lawyer and have formal documents drawn to make her my proxy but increasingly, states are passing rules that disallow any semblance of a civil union... which I believe could negate my intention behind the legal documents.

Elle said...

well that's shite.

Is there any precedent for one country NOT recognising marriages made in another involving the other country's citizen/s? I mean, a WASP couple could go to Saudi and have their marriage not recognised there because it wasn't performed in accordance with Sharia!

This is incredibly stupid.