Wednesday, May 31, 2006

OMFG! You're Kidding, Right?!!

I'm still here. When they run out of cookies, I'm leaving this planet, but till then...

A week or so ago, Lynne applied for a new job. (It's hard to find the right words to describe this, so forgive me if it sounds stunted, okay?) LOL.. It's at a nearby university, being a professor (in US terms) who trains adults to be English teachers. She's been involved with this for a while now, working through her school in mentoring trainee teachers and has been dying for the chance to do this full time.

Her interview was scheduled for 7pm, meaning she had to work all day, come home, THEN go to this thing. Not exactly the best circumstances to be brilliant and sparkly! She came out of there feeling she'd done well, but like everyone does, questioning a few of her responses. The uni didn't finish interviewing all the candidates till the following week, so we had to wait to hear how she'd done.

Unfortunately, they didn't offer her the job. She was told that until they'd interviewed the last person, they'd thought Lynne was the one. She was spectacular, but that this last fellow had just a bit more of whatever certain something, etc... They said they wished they had two positions to fill, to keep an eye out blah blah... Poor darling, she's heard this the last time she applied for something similar.

I really ached for her. Her high school treats her very badly, in spite of the results she gets from her kids, the work she does for her dept and the extra help she gives other teachers all over the school (usually with their discipline problems)! I cried, of course I'm a mushpot...

On Monday, we were out taking a drive. We went out to the greenbelt, thru curly roads looking at houses and pretty vistas. We had steak dinners at a pretty pub and played a few games of pool. (She kicked my butt... but I don't mind. She's so sexy when she takes that 'shooting stance'!!) We also drove past the uni.

Lynne made this little 'pfft' noise when we went past their main entrance. She swore she would get a job there, someday. I just swore at them.

So yesterday, Lynne's at her standardization meeting for the mountains of GCSE papers she grades.. and she feels her phone vibrating in her pocket. First chance she gets, she rings back the number, only to find it's the guy at the university who interviewed her. They had a resignation in another position and rather than re-interview, he asked his boss if they could just hire Lynne! They're seconding the position, just like the one she originally interviewed for.. which means that she's still technically employed by her high school, only the uni pays them for her salary... and she returns to her high school when the year is up.

Her head teacher has given provisional permission for this to happen. The provision is that they are able to find someone to replace her for the year. Hopefully, it'll be easily done, there are tons of newly-qualified teachers out there, looking for places.

So we've got our fingers crossed. Lynne's nearly out of that school, away from Drop Dead Fred, the bane of her life. AND... the university is expanding it's teacher training course. I'm certain next year they'll hire permanently into the position she'll be seconded into this year. Lynne should be a shoo-in and never have to teach in the high school again.

Lynne says, figuring time to post and interview for her replacement, it could be about three weeks before we know for certain that she can take the university place. Keep your fingers crossed for us?


~ nellenelle said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh woooooooooooooooow!

Congratulations to Lynne... party time! And have a drink fer me!

Lee said...

definate good thoughts for you both, great news and very exciting...she'll be great :)

The Editor said...

Alright! That's some awesome news. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

That's my crossed fingers<><><><>

Cool beans,


NursePam said...

Oh wow! Hot damn! Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that Fred will forever be out of her life.


Kim said...

Thank you, my friends for all your good wishes! I'll defo let you know when it happens!
*hugs* ~

loubie said...

Bless you all for your well wishes :)

Can't quite believe this is really happening...

We'll keep you posted x

Trop said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I am so happy for the both of you.

kitty litter said...

*doing the happy dance*
University first..then? QUEEN!