Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Not Pretty

I think I'm passive /aggressive. Maybe obstinate or stubborn. Pissed off with a big 'fuck you' attitude? Take your pick, they all look sort of the same from my angle.

Remember less than a month ago, I was talking about going for a promotion into the cash office at the stupid grocery store where I work? The idea was that there was a nice raise involved, which is always better than a poke in the eye especially if you can't manage to find yourself a better job somewhere else.

Because the store is changing formats from a Kwikie to a Somerfield's, I was told I'd need to speak to the HR lady who'd be coming to interview us all... tell her I was interested in the position. She COMPLETELY blew me off, and no, I'm not exaggerating. Other folks interested in different promotions were all out encouraged and told what they'd have to do to be considered. Me, I was told that I'd need to speak to my manager. Uh, excuse me, the manager was the one who told me I'd need to speak to you, HR Lady!

It took about a week to gel, to hear about the enthusiasm she had for others and sort out what this could have possibly meant to me. During this time I also learned that the money for that position wasn't what I'd heard stated. It's .50 more than what I make now. bfd.

So this is where the passive/aggressive part comes in. They held a meeting for all employees. In fact, they held it on four different days in order for all of us to be able to attend. This is where they gave us the employee packs, with all the rules and expectations. I didn't go, never even signed up.

A week later we were all supposed to attend another meeting to learn what was going to be happening in our store. They were going to tell us about the plans for the store, the timing, etc. I didn't go to that one either. I never planned to go so my excuse is indescribably hollow, but I worked 8 hours that day.. a big-bleed period day, and I wasn't going back out once I got home that evening.

So far, nobody's noticed. I'm sure there's paperwork that's been given out during these meetings, stuff needing to be filled out and turned back in. I hear my coworkers ask eachother if they've finished theirs yet. Hope no one's holding their breath for everyone's papers to be finished... not with what I've been hearing.

I imagine at some point they'll notice I've not attended the meetings. But I'm going to push my luck anyway. We're having a team-building meeting next week. See you there ~ NOT.

Yeah, yeah, I know this isn't flattering. I should be all rah-rah for the company but I just can't find the inspiration (or the off-switch for my brain) to enable me to participate with the proper attitude.

I'm still going into work. I've also been taking on extra hours at the last minute to help whatever brainless wonder has been making schedules and leaving us shorthanded. So I haven't totally crapped out on them.. yet.

Scold me if you must, but I seriously HATE my job!


Sandra said...

Jobs are very frustrating at times. I loved mine the first year, then I started noticing's not so great now.

I do have to say - if you wanted a promotion it would have helped to show an interest. Sorry, but you said we could scold if we wanted to.

Go find out what the paperwork is all about and where you can get yours.

After that, job hunt until you find a better fit.

BIG HUGS and sympathy...

NursePam said...

Screw 'em Nony. My advice? Go to the competition for a management job. People love to snatch resources from the competition.

BTW, the HR snob may just have recognized in you someone who is a bit overqualified to make a career out of Kwikie Mart.


~ nellenelle said...

I'm not going to scold you nor tell you what to do or how to feel. Having been through this, know all too well it can take a hell of a toll on someone emotionally.

So I will offer my shoulder and my willingness to offer it up as you have need to vent.