Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Finally! A day off :)

What did I do with it? Well, I've been worried about my tires, which keep going flat and have caused a bit of extra wear on the outside of the treads. My gardening money came in recently and I was convinced I'd have to buy new tires all 'round. So off I hied to this place Lynne recommended.

Really NICE guys! One tire had a nail in it, which they repaired. Then they sealed both tires around the edge of the rims. Apparently the alloy wheels can make this necessary, did you know that?

I'm told I have plenty of wear left on the tires and that they're in good shape. Glad to hear it too, after I got them to give me a quote on prices! For some reason, my car comes with high-speed rated tires. If I use something else, it invalidates my insurance! I THINK I can change my rims, going for a different tire size might give me more of a range of prices. (Course, then I have the added expense of purchasing the new wheels!) As it stands, my only choices are either the £90 or the £92 tire!

OMG! Can that be true? Will my insurance prohibit me from using a tire that doesn't require a fucking LOAN to purchase? Is this just a UK thing, or is it that way in the US? wow.. Sometimes the things I don't know just knock the knees out from under me!

Next, I went over for a short schmooze in the local version of a Dollar Store. Picked up some bits. Pretty rocks to go around the clematis in my garden (keeps the roots extra shaded, which they're supposed to like) a book with loads of garden pictures, and a giant plastic pitcher/measuring bowl.

Then over to the grocery store, not the one where I work, but a competitor's. *shhhhh*

After I got home and put the groceries away, I scooted out to my lil garden. These last few weeks have seen the garden slowly waking. Both rosebushes, a red climber and a blue Rhapsody have buds on them already. The phlox is going strong and even the gladiola bulbs I left in over winter are poking chatreuse knife-like blades from the soil. The hollyhocks are already three feet tall, premeditating another takeover which I WILL curtail this year with twine!!

The red salvia and the yellow rudbeckia that we brought home frm the Southport Flower Show last year have made it through the winter. Can't wait to see what they'll do! Oh and all the lilies that I left in the ground have come back even bigger. I removed the dahlias and the little conifer. (That tree was nothing but a magnet to peeing animals!)

To all of this I have recently added; another clematis that Lynne picked out; pink calla lilies, 'Black Jack' red gladiolas, clear yellow marigolds, a couple of geraniums I couldn't resist and two dozen assorted (supposed to be) striped petunias. I also extended the border, almost doubling the length.

Today I put in the last, blue cornflower seeds and delphinium seedlings that have occupied the kitchen window for the past month. I'm excited... I know it's a hodgepodge of colors. It's very crowded too, but I like both those things.

My garden makes me happy.

Above are last year's pics :)


~ nellenelle said...

As they say in Hong Kong "c'est beau!"

Methinks gardening is calling to you, nothing like something to get down and dirty with to soothe a soul.

Keep us posted as your garden progresses through the summer.

As you know, I've not done the insurance thing for moons, almost 3 years now. Hurts my brain to even think on it, kinda like alcohol to Alex in 'A Clockwork Orange...'

but last I knew, no issue with tires here. That could have changed though. That would be something like $150 a tire? Yikes!

Vanda said...

Greetings from Suffolk.

What a small world. We had to have our alloy wheels sealed for the very same reason you had your done. I thought it was very strange LOL. UGH on expensive tyres. Have you checked with your insurance company to see if this is true?

Love your flowers, I so want to get out in the garden and do pretty things, alas that is not to be.

Elle said...

Your garden is pretty, but I don't know most of the words you used. Like 'gladiola' and things like that. Sound like an HP spell to me! I am in no way green fingered. But your garden is purty :oD

Lee said...

your garden is beautiful...great pics...yeah definately update as it starts coming in....I put a flat of border dahlias out a few weeks ago and they are so my favorite :)

NursePam said...

What a lovely garden Nony! I don't think that we have this requirement for car insurance. But please don't give them any more ideas.

It sounds as though you had a fun day off.

Cheryl said...

I'm glad I found my way over here from Pam's. I am so jealous of your garden and your sun! Lovely!

I never heard of any such issue with tires and insurenace here on the east coast but I haven't exactly had a performance-type vehicle since 1982.

Thanks for the tip on the alloys. I have my first set in about 20 years and never heard of such a thing. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Great 'lil site ya got here!

The Editor said...

I'm very flower illiterate. I bought a pretty flower in Wally World around Easter time. I named her Ms. Blondie.

It all got off to a bad start when I called her a dandelion when she was really a daffodil!

Her little petals or whatever you call them began falling off. I kissed her. I watered her. I talked to her. I sat her near my bed. I even told this flower good night.

Ms. Blondie is dead! :(

Now, I'm going to try and grow tomatoes. I love tomato sandwiches during the summer. *Keeping my fingers crossed*