Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Ohhh, a smoke on the porch is a GOOD thing :)

I had intended to have myself a bit of a rant. Work sucks, no job prospects, depression/apathy over the whole subject... ect. But I had my little time out instead. I feel better. Or at least unable to coherently follow such grim subjects, lol.

Lynne's cake was deemed a success. I merged three recipes and think it turned out a bit funky. The lemon filling would have been better without the frosting inbetween too... and I'm wondering if 'strong bread flour' was too heavy for a cake? The whole thing was crooked. I overdecorated it to honor Lynne's frou-frou side. (Which is nonexistent) I laughed my ass off and she loved it.


~ nellenelle said...

Now that's a damn sight better than the one I womped up, eh? ;-)

Looks delicious!

NursePam said...

I love the looks of that cake grrlie. You can bake for me any time ;^)

Denise said...

Heh, I love it. Perfect cake for Lou! Beautiful!

Francesca said...

It's lovely!