Monday, June 05, 2006

Not That it Matters...

After I made the first of three necessary phone calls this morning, the phone stopped working. Arrrgh! It's happened before, and it took two days before we got a dial tone again. We thought it must be the phone line, the lady upstairs was having the same problem and the phone company was investigating it for us as well.

What I don't understand is why I can get online right now. Could it be that just our telephone itself is screwed up.. and the neighbor having problems last time was just some freakish coincidence? What a pain in the neck.

So I managed to ring the job agency and have emailed my CV as requested. I've never gone through an agency before, but it seems like a good idea. They have more jobs listed nearby than I EVER see in the local papers.

Maybe they can give me some idea where my shortcomings are in this job market. In some way, I'm sure it's based in the very fact I'm an american. Do they not like my temporary visa, not understanding it'll be made permanent after another 18 months? Maybe they question if I'll really stay here. Are my job references too hard or too much of a bother to check on?

Being really extreme, do they wonder if I've done something illegal... am running from the law in my country? LOL... (NOT true btw!) Perhaps they think, like most of my customers, that I am simply insane, unhinged for wanting to leave the US?

At any rate, while not specifically asking these things, I've asked for feedback or suggestions. I hope I figure this out soon.

As a random aside, have you seen this site ?


~ nellenelle said...

OK, I got to the pic of 'abused and degraded,' and that suggested it's time for me to exit stage left...

good luck wif da phones and agency, Kim...

and it matters that you share your thoughts here. I'd guess there are lots out here who give a hoot about how you are doing.

Sandra said...

I love postsecret! I bought the book and another book comes out in Oct, I can't wait!
It's a great coffee table book. The whole project was a brilliant idea, in my opinion.

NursePam said...

I love post secret. It's one of the neatest projects I've seen in a long time.

I hope that the agency works for you. I wouldn't be surprised if some people weren't taking you seriously due to your temporary visa. But sooner or later, someone will snap you up and be very glad that they did.


Elle said...

I used to work for an agency, and it's unfair but your nationality may indeed be working against you. The client I was mainly involved with insisted on 5 years' references (large multinational, had offices in WTC). Now it's hard enough to get UK companies to send refs back, but in my experience overseas companies are near impossible. They just don't bother to return the forms, and some companies will reject agency staff unless they have those refs.

On the plus side, if you can get an interview and make a good enough impression you can often override those red-tape technicalities. Get an agent that is willing to go to bat for you.

Good luck hon xxx