Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shit, the driving word.

Okay, I'm still here.

I failed my drivers test last week. I was sad and my eyes leaked embarrassingly. *sigh*

But the next test is already booked. Lynne bossed me into it.

You know I was going to re-book eventually. I was just in mourning.

It's not like I actually hit the god-damned busses. We got around them just fine.


Sandra said...

Don't give up, just try again. Safety is over rated anyway, lol. (((hugs))) for better luck next time.

kitty litter said...

God i just HATE it when those fuckin busses get in the way. Mayhpas you should have your friend the taxi driver give you some pointers?

~ nellenelle said...


Mind if I ask you to share a bit more about the busses? And by getting around them, well, one can do so by going to the side, under, or over. Which was it? *wink*

You will get there.