Friday, February 16, 2007

We Like da Moon

This is my tattoo! I've had it for nearly two years now and I absolutely LOVE it! My son recently directed me to the website published by the shop that did the inking. When I saw the pic online, I carefully noted where the freckles were and ran to the mirror to compare.. cos I didn't know the pic was LITERALLY mine.

My bod sports another moon. Okay, so it's really a crescent-shaped scar on the right side of my nose. I got it when I was about five when I fell against a coffee table after spinning in circles in my best friend's livingroom. I'm not self-conscious about it at all, you only notice it when I smile so hard my eyes squint shut. Not a pretty look, so it doesn't happen often. The mark was also covered by my glasses till I was 18. And you KNOW the glasses were a much greater burden than an almost-forgotten scar.

Still, we like da moon!


~ nellenelle said...

Yer famous!

Um, lynne... a star for a partner... who knew?

Lynne said...

I knew it the first moment I saw her, Nelle ;)

Ting's Tang said...

I love it Love it!!
Thanks for sharing!

Caly (another big Moon person *smile)