Saturday, January 12, 2008


I've got too much to do and it's making me freeze up, turn indecisive. So here's the list;

find cheaper car insurance.. I'm truly being effed by my current provider
decide when (feb/mar/april) I want to visit home
book that flight and time off
find out exactly WHAT mom and dad want to do on their trip over here this summer
calculate if I can afford to host to their expectations (Dad wanted us to rent a canalboat. WAY too expensive so now they want us to tour Ireland)
hope I don't have to talk them out of staying for ages
find out when my daughter has booked to come visit us
fill out the application for another job, the one I've been waiting for
revisit the store where I previously worked to check referee name
oh and smaller to do's....
notify the driver's license place that I've moved
register my car at this new address

then there's the house stuff..
hang two more sets of blinds
measure for lumber for the raised beds to the veggie garden
dig out grass in the front to widen the driveway

and as always, the long-term project that follows me .. finish my daughter's quilt
oh but wait, I either need to make/ buy a quilter's frame or find myself a GIANT needlework hoop to hold it as I work

waffle waffle waffle....

so, I DID manage to cross something off my mental list today. I got the new compost bin set up and filled. I also got my little greenhouse set up and secured against the wind so I won't find it somersaulting across the yard like last time, chucking poor little plants out as it flew by.

Know what Lou's doing? Napping on the couch.


Shawny Sun said...

Napping on the couch sounds really good right now. LOL

Hey- touring Ireland would be so cool. I'm Irish. Well, some Irish. Or so I've been told.

~ nellenelle said...

Kewl that you have family visiting you. You must be especially excited about your daughter visiting!