Sunday, April 20, 2008

Progress Report

This is the bathroom as it was when we first moved in. It's pretty large, in fact bigger than our third bedroom, the 'box room'. Problem was, there was no shower.

We contemplated simply putting in a shower cubicle.. but I really don't like those. They're hard to clean and feel like an upright coffin. So I asked if Lou minded that we get an overhead shower to our bath. She's such a sugarpie, she said okay.

In the process of renovating this room, we also got rid of the steps around the bath. They made it hard to get out of the tub, all slippy and such. Busting the tub loose gave us another foot and a half of floor space.

Cue Lou...yes really, it's me typing here now (making a brief guest appearance, while my lovely lady makes me a latte).

So, the Kimster initiates the destruction of the bathroom as it was, and now Yours Truly is in the process of repainting it. We picked up a few tester pots to try to determine how blue we wanted to go - the rest of the house is painted white or beige at the mo, so we figured it was time for some colour. The tiles along the back wall and around the bath are now white, with a run of blue mosaic tile though it providing a splash of colour. For the walls we've plumped for a pale blue/grey paint appropriately named 'Harbour' (since you probably COULD birth a ship in there lol). I spent yesterday filling cracks, repainting the ceiling and doing the bulk of the cutting in with the, we get the first coat on the walls. It'll probably be next weekend before the second coat goes up - and then we can start to pull up the floor in readiness for a our new one. But, I'll leave the description of that to Kim...I have a latte waiting with my name on it. :)
This is Kim again, and in adding the current pic of the bath (which ended up at the top), I've COMPLETELY messed up the format of this post. grgrrrGrgRrrr


Shawny Sun said...

Awesome work. Lou should make an appearance more often.

p.s.- I like Rizzo too

~ nellenelle said...

It looks positively wonderful!