Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Champions League Final

It's a European football (soccer to you, US) league. This year, both finalists are from Britain.

Even though Chelsea knocked our fav team, Liverpool, out of the running, we're rooting for them.

The opponent is Manchester United *booooo* (won't give the color of Man U cos I dislike them THAT much!)

The playoff is in Russia. Folks wanting to go for the game were worried about the visa process. Room bookings went fast. But I just saw a shot of young Russian soldiers trading their hats for the shirts of a few Manchester fans. I like that kind of thing. Sometimes there are transcending experiences, brought about by the gathering together for a shared common interest.. Moments whose humanity and purity make my heart sing.

One afternoon, Lou and I were watching Liverpool play Everton, another bitter rival. Well, Everton won and at the end, they showed this shot of a young Everton fan, standing in the afternoon sunshine, his face just a picture of joy. I mentioned to Lou what a fabulous day that boy was having and how great it made me feel for him.

LOL.. I got snarled at for that. Footie is taken that seriously!

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Trop said...

Amanda's soccer season just ended. I'm going to miss going to her games.