Friday, September 05, 2008


Lou's sis has her surgery next week. We're all trying not to get too twisted before then. It's just that only then will we have any clear answers.. so everyone is supporting eachother and staying (mostly) level.

Her sissy should be well on her way in her recovery by mid October. So with Loubie's blessing, I'm making a quick trip home for a desperately needed kid-fix. The tickets were booked last night. My heart lightened in regard to my kids since we clicked on the last 'send' button.

It's been raining buckets today.

I really like my new job. It's interesting, and I work with some really lovely people.

Oh and know what? My company is FULLL of gay people. The company advertises their positions in the pink newspapers! No shit, folks DON'T BLINK AN EYE if you speak any SORT of gay. I imagine anyone who has any sort of hangups with the concept must either keep it absolutely mute.. or they go somewhere else.

Oh my friends.. the wimmins I could hook you up with. LOADS of les in the crew on the evening shift!

I literally shake my head in wonder.


Shawny Sun said...

~~~Keeping positives thoughts for Lou's sister~~~

I'm glad that you are liking your new job and the atmosphere is positive. A positive atmosphere is a major plus.

Take care

kitty litter said...

lots of positive thoughts for loubie's sister!!!