Wednesday, February 04, 2009


On Sunday, somehow, I pinched a nerve in my leg. Starting in my hip joint, the pain burned all the way down my leg, even to my ankle.

This has happened to me once before, though it was years ago. Then I tried to continue on with regular activities and the ache lasted forever. It would even wake me at night. I began to go to a chiropractor hoping that would help. After eight visits at $22 a pop, I asked if he could estimate how far along I was in my therapy. He answered, maybe 20%. I was pissed off, not just for the money going out, which I couldn't afford.. but for the twice a week visits which played havoc with my schedule. I quit going and about a month later, the pain left all on it's own.

Lol, this time was different. I did go to work on Monday. I felt embarrassed, hobbling about but figured I was going to be in pain no matter where I was. Monday night I could barely move. I tried to carry a glass of water into the kitchen and was so hunched over I poured it all over the living room floor! What a dork..

Lynne said to me, you shouldn't go into work tomorrow. But I have this stubbornness about taking time off, I wasn't going to do it. I made her set my alarm for the regular time the next morning. Again, I could barely move. Lynne got bossy. You shouldn't go in to work, you belong in bed. You KNOW those broken-down chairs at work are not going to make this any better!

So I did what she told me to do. I called in sick. I did it again today. I've spent LOADS of time stretched out in bed. It's made an INCREDIBLE difference! The burning down my leg stopped yesterday and today I can even walk upright!

I never like hearing I'm wrong. But she looks after me so well.. it takes the sting out of it. She makes me feel cherished. It feels strange to say it, but she was right and I'm glad I listened.

Just don't tell anyone I said that.


nelle said...

*hugs* and well wishes...

good thing you listened to Lynne! I'm gonna have to remember this... ;-)

Will send ya reiki tonight.

Shawny Sun said...

Take care of yourself and listen to Lynne more.