Saturday, September 04, 2010

Who's Driving When I Sleep?

I woke up this morning having dreamt of my ex.

In my dream, I'd been visiting him in his new house. He looked good, happy.

I began rooting through a closet there, looking for something and noted his wife has used my sewing machine to make things that were nicer, more creative than I've ever made. She'd done some mini quilts/wallhangings that were so cute I wanted them for myself. She'd taken some fine yarn I'd left and crocheted beautiful, lacy edging onto small pillows and handkerchiefs.

Yeah, I can see the obvious. He'd turned into a rather crap husband with me and she'd taken my rejects and made wonderful things of them - including him. In the dream.

I don't know if that's really true of him now. It could be, to give them all credit, but I honestly doubt it.

Thing is, it pisses me off to wake feeling jealous and missing him. Why would my head fuck me over like that? I don't feel those things in my waking hours.

Guess I should just be grateful. Lou told me she'd dreamt of a group of people, feeding feet first, a live man to a crocodile!


Ginny said...

Hi! ::waves:: Remember me? I haven't been keeping up with blogs lately thanks to my Facebook addiction. LOL I decided today would be a good day to catch up. :-)

Anyway - Try Googling "meaning of dreams" There are a lot of sites, and all seem to be a bit different.

I had a really good book on dreams, but I lent it to my ex and she never returned it.


PS: I recently started to ramble again on my blog - And I do mean ramble. LOL

Sunshine said...

I record my dreams and research them both online and in myself deeply. There are different types of dreams. I would not take this dream literally. Dreams often are very symbolic. And sometimes people in your dreams are actually representing aspects of yourself. So perhaps this dream is really stating that you took the bad experiences and created beautiful things for yourself.