Sunday, September 05, 2010


I've been through two assessment / interview days for promotion within the last year. My employers have both times told me what a great job I've done in application but neither attempt has gained me the advancement.

The first time, Laura was better. The second time, well as you know, there 'was no job'.

I think my frustration is understandable. But there's a silver lining here, as Lou has pointed out. As much as I've always hated applying for jobs, I'm getting better at it! All this practice has given me a very clear understanding of the task at hand and what's required to play the game.

I'm updating my CV (resume) and preparing to throw myself out there.

If I try to stay in my current position, not even looking, my sarcasm and dismal mood are going to get me into trouble. I can fake it and be professional, but can't keep it up forever. Most of the business feel the way I do, across all the departments, but management are turning a blind eye. The situation is pretty hopeless.

When I contemplated moving to the UK, I knew it was something fearful but determined not to let fear stop me. It's time to renew that spirit. Fear only puts us in a little box that gets smaller and smaller. Be Unafraid.

And besides, I have the MOST beautiful new suit that deserves to see more than the inside of the wardrobe.

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Ting said...

Good for you! It's always great to keep your resume and interviewing skills up-to-date. Keeping my fingers crossed that something comes your way soon!