Thursday, July 28, 2005

An Opportunity!

I think I am a little afraid.

Jason and I are taking on a gardening contract, firing up a business he's been doing offhand for a few years. Starting with the flat complex where we live, we're going to be doing the garden maintenance. Lou's put the basic equipment on credit for us and authorized the management company to fire our current gardeners. She's also found us the liability insurance we're going to need to do this properly, and put together our initial bid/offer.

We also have a side 'contract' coming to us, where the complex has been looking to plant shrubs along one fenced end. We need more of a barrier to street traffic and the original bidders seem to have forgotten about us. So we're going to a nursery soon to price out our own bid! Basically, if we can make it under the original... and get decent shrubs of our choosing, Jas and I can pocket the difference as labor.

The management company has said they will add us to their list of preferred contractors in the northwest, basically sending jobs to us. We can place ads and talk to everyone we meet to find more jobs... It's going to take time and a lot of physical effort, but I believe we can grow this into a lovely little business that, with any luck, could support us nicely.

I have been looking to start a small business of my own for a long time now. I've done small time gardening for little old ladies :) I had all the info, applications and forms prepped to open a drive-through espresso stand. I've JUST gotten my degree in business management and still have all the links to any other necessary info. I believe I'm more than ready to take a chance.

It'll mean rethinking the future I've been imagining. The one where I've gotten a higher paid, respectable desk job somewhere. LOL... no nylons in this brave new path! But I LOVE beng outside. I love mowing and messing with dirt and fussing over plants. We could grow into crews of workers with lots of contracts! Perhaps there's a niche for my oft-dreamt greenhouse in there somewhere too?

I get excited when I think about this. Can't wait for the equipment to arrive. LOL.. maybe that mini pickup I want isn't so far off after all? Now I have a GREAT excuse!

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