Saturday, September 24, 2005


You know those posts, where I referred to my partner Lou? Her name is actually Lynne. I couldn't feel right about using her name here before, without asking permission. She laughed and said I was silly when I asked... but if anyone was actually reading, I wanted to give an explanation for why my partner's name 'changed'. No, I don't have two wives .... now YOU'RE being silly!

More crap with the kids. I told Lynne that I could probably cry an entire day through, perhaps even let myself have some kind of mini-breakdown if I let myself think about it all. So I'm not going to. I'm tired of feeling like the emotionally walking wounded. You know that vacuous gaze that idiots have? I'm working on one of those.

Know what's really nice? Beer in a glass, a pint glass if you're lucky.

Lynne took the day off school today. Even with the surgery to free her insides from the mangling grip of endometriosis, she still suffers during her periods. She can take codeine and still function but occasionally the pain's even bigger than that narcotic. She's got other medicines, but can't drive or teach with them on board. One way or another, her bod is going to shut down when the big pain hits.

She slept a lot today. When she finally awakened, she wanted company but didn't want to get out of bed. Rizzo and I went in to amuse her. I drew tiny smiley faces on her toes, hearts on her breast. I wrote my name on her undies... 'Kim Only' and faces with the tongue hanging out. It made her laugh.

Jason and I went to measure up another yard job we've taken on. We've got to rototill, then lay fresh sod in the front yard... redefine the planted borders and lay gravel in another place. Fix / replace the gates and two bits of fence. Paint the fence. He wanted to yank a few shrubs in particular... but they're small bush fuschia, perennial here. This plant is so pretty, it's mounding form really softens the fence behind it. LOL, poor Jas, I won't let him take them out!

The backyard is going to be more of a job. It's terribly overgrown with many trees that'll have to be removed. Jas wants to talk her into returfing the backyard too but I don't think that's the way to go. Just mowing it will make a major difference! She's supposed to be wanting all this work to make the house ready to place on the market. The front, definitely needs doing as curb appeal means so much. But the back, unless she sinks a LOT of money into it, isn't going to increase her asking price. Jas wants to recommend it so we can have the work. He also says he suspects she doesn't really want to sell the house! How can he know that?! He's only met her the one time... Much as I'd like the extra cash, I wouldn't push that.

Looks like at least two weekends' worth of work, at least. Depends on how much she needs doing. Rain or shine.. we're out there on Sunday. Lynne will be doing her planning and other schoolwork. This'll at least keep me out of her hair, put a few more quid in my pocket.

She went back to bed at 9:30. I went in to love on her a bit. Told her that her body was a finely tuned musical instrument... and preceeded to play oom pa pa 'music' on her bellybutton. Her skin is so soft, it's irresistible. Especially when it's wiggling from the giggling. ;)~


~ nellenelle said...

Awwwwww... I don't know whether to laugh or feel sad... but major *hugs* to you both. It is so hard to watch someone you love be in pain, you wish to reach in, take it all out, take it upon yourself if need be. I'd get this way with my kids, especially with Kels and diabetes.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine! Hellos to you and Lynne, and hope she is well sooner.


hmmm... word verification this time is 'wumuu.' That has a sort of ring to it... ;-)

Kim said...

'wumuu' .. I like that. *smile* has a sort of silky, feminine quality to it, the sound of a nuzzle.

You're so kind, raye. Your support and empathy has always been deep and boundless. I count myself lucky to call you a friend.

*hugs* ~ me :)

~ nellenelle said...

Thanks, but I have my dark side, though I try like heck to learn from mistakes and be a better person. I can get angry, but also cling to a belief of walking from anger, always have been able to to some degree, but moreso now, Max showed me a path that is a vital part of my life now. This is something I think important... too often we put our best foot forward, and hide our flaws... imo if you really are friends with someone, you don't try to be perfect by hiding flaws, you try to be a better person because of all the reasons why doing so is a good idea. People don't like surprises, and when I see people dis relationships formed online, this is where they fail... someone held out, or perhaps both.

I'm certainly not partnering with anyone, but believe this is true across the board, and approach it accordingly.

Funny you made the comment though... those I am friends with invariably are kind, gentle, empathetic souls, and both you and Lynne are kind, gentle, empathetic souls, that is why I find interest in what you both have to say. Which is why I count myself lucky to have you as friends.

Which reminds me of what I wished to say... write more, at least when you can, because you really do write well, and think many of us out here enjoy what you have to say. I don't write for others so much, it's mostly to get it out of my head... kind of like talking to the wind, but it is comforting to know at least some find value in reading the posts.

I hope Lynne is doing better today...


NursePam said...

Thanks for sending me the link kidlet. I have really enjoyed this.

Hugs to Loubie doo. I'm putting you on my favorites list so I can keep track of you 2.

Love ya both :o)