Sunday, July 09, 2006

Littlewood's Sucks

Are you waiting, wondering what’s happened?

Well….. I WAS right about the lawnmower. No delivery by July 3rd. In fact, when I had to make yet another follow-up call, I’m informed that the anticipated delivery date is now July 28th.

This PowerDevil lawnmower was bought through LITTLEWOOD’S catalogue store. In spite of paying extra for an extended warranty, the service we have received is absolutely crap. The operators in customer service must certainly be trained to lie… how else can you explain that within EVERY one of the dozen phone calls an operator has given either half-truths or false information?

If you can help it, DO NOT GIVE LITTLEWOOD’S YOUR BUSINESS. If you are unhappy with the product, the operators will shuffle your call around, NEVER phone you back and basically throw up any roadblock they can to your happy resolution. To them, aftercare means avoiding responsibility and putting you off till you are enraged or in tears.

My last operator actually suggested that I cancel the replacement order and buy a mower from someplace else. I guess it’s easier for them that way, lets them off the hook. Fucking irresponsible bastards, once they’ve got their money, they don’t ever really want to hear from you again.

God, I can feel my blood boiling all over again just typing about this. Deep breaths. Coffee break, brb.

And the interview? Well, Tuesday came, warm and sunny. My interview clothes still fit properly and my hair actually made a passable attempt at ‘attractive’. The taxi showed up on time and the driver was incredibly personable, chatting to me all the way to the station.

Lime Street Station was very warm and in my long-sleeved blouse, I eagerly anticipated the cool air conditioning of the train. When we were finally allowed on board, I chose a window seat with a table in front so I could study my notes, memorize my power phrases.

The cars are not air conditioned. Twenty minutes into the trip I moved to the aisle seat to get my sweltering bod out of the direct sunshine coming through the window. I fanned myself as I studied, worried about wrinkling my blouse and tried not to play with my hair as it began to droop.

Outside of the heat, the ride itself was very nice. How easy it is to negotiate your way through Manchester and other, more anonymous towns. I saw lambs and cattle, backyards full of summer toys and washlines, flower gardens, canals with houseboats, and abandoned / overgrown mills and smokestacks.

Simon gave me rudimentary directions via the cellphone when I arrived. It sounded easy, just three minutes walk from the station, till one intersection provided about five different street options! But I found a little newsagent sitting on a corner, a scruffy looking fellow with rotten teeth and I asked for directions. How nice is this… he accompanied me a full city block away from his post in order to show me where I needed to be. Bless you Mr Newsagent, your kindness is much appreciated!

The consultation room was air conditioned. *cue Hallelujah music* Simon cut right to the chase, saying my CV (resume to you homies) shows I meet all the requirements the bank is looking for. He skipped the hard questions, the trick questions and we chatted. I gave lots of details of my responsibilities held in my last bank job and he was so enthusiastic.

All interviews should be like this. I even got the reliable, ‘What brings you to the UK?’ question.

I answered, ‘My partner lives here.’

‘Oh, what does he do?’

‘She’s an English teacher.’

‘Oh, I’m sorry, I just assumed…’

‘That’s all right. I always worry about this and don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable… but I also don’t want to build any working relationship on a lie.’ And from that point on, it sincerely was no problem.

In closing, I’m supposed to hear from the bank next, to do a second interview. I’ve got my fingers crossed. This job sounds so much more my style than any of the other bank positions I’ve applied for! Corporate, with customer deposits from 5 to 25 million, all customer service, no selling. Expansion planned and a real chance to advance if I do well. I’m waiting for that phone to ring…


~ nellenelle said...

*wills that phone to ring* from da bank, not that Littlewhatever.

I applaud your immediately correcting him on your partner, I found getting such things right out there, when the opportunity so presents, saves hassle later. And it speaks of your honesty.

You will, you will, you will!!!

Kim, take a look at technorati... that might be useful in getting word out on that catalogue co.

NursePam said...

Hot diggity Nonster! I feel a good thing in the air. :o)

Fuck the Teeny Tiny People and the horse they rode in on. I would cancel and buy another myself.

Elle said...

Littlewoods ARE shit! Poor love...but I agree with Pam - ditch the barstards and put your hard-earned elsewhere. I suggest an actual shop so you can go and express your displeasure in person should you get boned again...!

Good luck with the interview!

Elle said...

crap, i didn't mean good luck with the interview, I meant good luck and i hope you get the job :o)

i must be sleepy...

kitty litter said...

here comes your phone call....

Trop said...

My blood goes straight to boil whenever I have to deal with customer service, especially when it's an automated line, "press 1 for..." and the option I need isn't an option. GRRR! The cussing that comes from my mouth is legendary.

Glad the interview went well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

~ nellenelle said...

lmao! one ringie dingie..