Sunday, May 13, 2007

Do They Dare?

I feel like we're on one of those survival shows. We've been given the goal of buying this house and the producer is throwing obstacles at us.

Last weekend, we offered the asking price for the house that we've fallen for. No dicking around looking to shave a few thousand, we are going to give them what they want. They've accepted and seem to even like us, saying they want US to have their house :)

Tuesday, near the end of the workday, alllll the employees from the entire building start filing into my side of the office. There's going to be a big announcement and I'm scared. One of our directors tells us that due to the recent changes in legislation and the subsequent fall in our business, they're going to be making half our staff redundant. We went the rest of the week without hearing who'd be going or the criteria they are using to shed staff.

Oddly enough, that same Tuesday afternoon, while home for lunch, I'd taken a miraculous phone call. Lynne had convinced me some time ago to apply for a different job and they called to invite me for interview on Thursday!!

I think I did a good job at the interview & assessment. They've got three positions open and of the 11 people they shortlisted, only 6 showed. But they HAVEN'T CALLED YET!!!

We were waiting all week on instructing the surveyor for the new place, waiting till after we knew I had or STILL had a job. In all honesty, I believe my current position is a goner.

But Lynne and I have decided (just yesterday) that we won't let any of this keep us from going for that house.

IF we can get an offer on our place soon...
IF we can get the mortgage applied for while I'm still employed...

I will find another job, and it can't pay less than what I make now... like I'm only a smidge above minimum wage anyway...

If this all falls together, I get the new (better paid) job or even get to keep my old job and our mortgage is approved, it'll be using up all the good luck we have due to us for the next 50 years.

At any rate, we should be able to better judge the size of this challenge by next week. If I live that long and don't spin off into a thousand jittering little bits...


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~ nellenelle said...

I hope all is working out well for you, job and home both... *hugs*