Monday, May 07, 2007


You know Mom just sold their house. Being freshly experienced, she was full of advice last week and got all House Doctor with us over the phone. 'Kimi, you have to put away all your knick-knacks and personal pictures. Those things make your place your home and you want to show it as a house, a place they can picture their things.'

So I brought home a dozen boxes and Lynne and I neutralized the flat. Books, magazines, schoolwork and about a million candles were packed up. Every surface got a fresh mopping. Closets and cupboards half-emptied now lie about our storage space. The naked girlie statue got put away along with our favorite pictures of eachother. (My pin-up calendar got to stay but only because it's INSIDE a cupboard. ) We're not just neutral but de-lesbianized now. It's all gone to a storage unit. Our place feels weird now.

Our first showing was this morning at 10:30. A young lady, first-time buyer, she came with her Dad. They were lovely and very complimentary about the flat. From the sound of it though, she's really looking in a price bracket about £5000 lower than what ours is listed.

They were gone by 11. We'd been up early, done the last tidy and even hidden the cat. And then it was over. We sat and played the 'what if' game... tried to decipher their different reactions and bits that they'd said. There's just no escaping the anti-climatic feeling we've been left with.

Unless of course you're Lynne.. who just goes back to bed. LOL

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~ nellenelle said...

Best wishes on the sale...

but your new pic, I love it!