Friday, August 13, 2010

Checking In

It's FRIDAY!!! *blissful sigh* Have I told you how much I LOVE Fridays? The work part of most Fridays feel like they're in semi-party mode. We get our work done certainly, but seem to have more smiles floating around, more jokes and banter. I think we're all just relieved to have made it through!

Friday evenings are delicious. Granted, I usually end up a lump on the sofa, purple-wine stained lips, having a giggle with Lou as we watch stupid tv. But I don't have to be in bed before midnight to get up at 5 the next day. I don't HAVE to do anything. Hooray for Friday! It's all about options.

Lou's been off for annual leave for the last few weeks. It's a good thing too, as we've had major grief with our refrigerator! Three years old and it began to warm up, wouldn't keep the right temp. When the third repairman came with replacement parts, we uncovered a huge burnt-out spot in the back panel inside! Lou was so determined through the whole thing, chasing the repairguys, the paperwork etc. We refused repairs and asked for replacement. But it was past the manufacturers warranty period and was the responsibility of the store.

They only wanted to give us purchase price - not near enough for us to buy a like-for-like replacement. Lou then researched and discovered the manufacturers (Samsung) KNEW about the fault as it had turned up in other models. So she called them again, told them how bad it was and that we had pictures! They then sent out one of their own guys to check it out. We had our brand- new, like-for-like fridge delivered yesterday!

Oh, I've applied for a promotion at work and have my interview/assessment day this next Monday! I want the job of court enforcement officer, prosecuting in the magistrates' courts. It would let me work out of Liverpool again, and give up the crazy hours I've been on. I'll still be driving, but in the company cars, on THEIR time, and on THEIR dime. (Makes me sick to think of the money I've laid out for gas, essentially the pay cut I've taken, just to keep my job when they centralized.) But if I can land this job, the one I've wanted since starting there, I think it will all have been worth it.

LOL.. well, I do have to admit that I needed to stay with them through this as much as they needed me. After all, having been there over a year, I was entitled to three months off sick with full pay - perfect for the kidney op :))

The Perseid meteor shower happens tonight and tomorrow night. Those shooting stars bring me such warm memories. Every year since moving here I hope for clear skies. Doesn't happen often.. and probably won't tonight either. But Loubie's come up with a wonderful idea, that we'll hop in the car and scoot off to a quiet dark hill she knows in the countryside. LOL, I'm wicked. THAT sounds fun even without stars!

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Sunshine said...

Friday night is indeed magical just as Saturday too. I can have a day off during the week and still feel the same about Friday night or Saturday. No other day has that feel.

Keeping fingers crossed on that job!