Sunday, October 17, 2010

Travellin ~

This Friday I'm on many planes, bound for Montana. I'm going to see my daughter, YAAYYY!

Luckily, this time I'm flying through Amsterdam and not Paris. They've been having air-controller strikes in France.. along with a multitude of other strikes. I'm not fond of Schipol, it's rather cold and very short on seats near the gates but at least I have short layovers and they aren't on strike.

My son is working in North Dakota and probably won't be able to wiggle any time off to come see me. I'd pout normally but he's employed now and I'm sooo grateful he's doing something he's excited about that I've wound my pouty lip in.

Pinky and I will have a good visit. I want to hear her thoughts on the surgery in Feb and go visit her nephrologist in the valley. We will play with her cats and visit the people where she works. We'll see her friends and the ways the valley has changed. We'll cook together and laugh and I'll have her show me more ways to do my hair.. see if she can convince me not to cut it. Lol!

But I'm having anxiety dreams. This morning I dreamt I lost my purse going through the scanners at some airport.. My passport was gone along with my mobile and all my money. I wasn't going to be able to continue my journey home and Lou would be worried.

After waking, and a good long cuddle, I've come up with a few ideas to keep the anxiety at bay. First of all, having the mobile, I don't even TRY to memorize phone numbers any more. So I've got to get Lou's newest numbers written into my phone book. I won't carry it in my purse like I usually do, but will keep it in my suitcase. (It's carry-on anyway so will always be close at hand.)

Also, although I've got a copy of the front page of my passport here at home, I need to make sure I know where it is AND copy the pages showing my residency permit. I'm sure there are official numbers associated with each of the docs so I will record them somewhere as well.

I almost never remember my dreams but this time I'm glad I have... in spite of the laugh I got when I told her the lost purse had been made of rabbit fur.


Haizey said...

Safe travels

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip! Glad that you are able to see your family again.