Sunday, December 05, 2010

Mute Off

I've been so terrible at this blogging thing for quite a while now. If you read this you'll actually wish I'd continued on silently.

Work is okay on the surface. I know what I'm doing and I'm good at it, I even enjoy my job.

But the way the company treats us is both dismissive and dominating at the same time. They have just created a position back in a local branch for ONE PERSON only, without posting it and after spending the last year and a half insisting those jobs would NEVER return to branch. Then they sent that one person to us for training, without a word, as if we wouldn't realize the special favor that had been done for her. She didn't want to have to travel to Manchester, and so now she doesn't have to. The rest of us do though.

The fact they sent her to us alone stupifies me. Maybe it's more management telling us to shut up and take it. Like 'fuck you Enforcement, we'll do what we want and you'd better smile as we do it.'

My line manager and I had a word over this. The main point she made was that this certainly didn't happen due to special favors, no matter what the trainee said. Not a word addressing the inequity of the position.

Director's Hour comes each month, where the Director of our division invites concerns and questions and they're supposedly answered. My letter is already half done. I may go down in flames and NEVER ever be promoted but I'll not be a silent victim, complicit in this injustice.

They'll explain it away as 'needs of the company' but I've got a point to make and whether it gets us anywhere or not, am going to speak.

Sorry. That was long, bitching and boring.

Unfortunately, this is pretty much how I am feeling in general right now.

I'm trying to get excited for Christmas but just not feeling it. I've baked about 12 dozen cookies and have them in the freezer for presents and nieghbor plates but still have not got any spirit in me. I've only purchased a few presents so far...

I'm fed up. Bored. Pissed off. Flat.

Sorry. Mute reset.

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Sunshine said...

I'm feeling fed up too but for different reasons. And I'm not at all into Christmas. H'mm I would have liked to been around while you were baking the cookies. Me likes hot cookies out of the oven. (The Cookie Monster)