Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I'm over at the newbie's desk, giving a hand with some paperwork, helping her understand what she's looking at on-screen.

She looks at my fingers and very LOUDLY asks, 'Do you chew your nails?'

I reply, Ya, sometimes I do.

and I can't help it, I give her THE LOOK and say 'Thanks for asking'.


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Sunshine said...

I cut a look today as well.

I was up very early and decided to make a grocery store stop b4 work. I'm getting checked out when this lady pops in front of this other lady in line and then says, "Oh I'm sorry did I break in line." Well, the nice lady allowed her to stay in front. Then, I'm waiting for the cashier to finish up and the lady moves over into my personal space. The cashier says to her, "I'm still waiting on this lady (me)." The woman says, "Oh I'm being so rude today."

I cut her a look of dumb"a" look. She saw it too.

Thumbs up to the cashier who caught on to her crap.

Cutting looks is good!