Thursday, January 27, 2011

Petrol is £1.28 a Litre

A gallon is 3.875 litres

So a gallon costs £4.96

£4.96 at today's median conversion rate of 1.58 is $7.85

We are paying $7.85 for a gallon of gas

I drive about 85 miles daily for work and have come to love the fast lane. Keep me away from all those plodding folks, dithering between lanes.. let me sit in the fast lane and GO. Of course it means I really gotta keep my foot in it, about 80mph regularly, though I've caught myself at 90.

This is no good. I'm supposed to be an adult, a responsible grown-up. And I'm doing better at staying at 70. I know my gas gauge doesn't drop as quickly. But seeing the cost in real terms, in dollars shocks the crap out of me and will further strengthen my resolution.

I only hit 80 twice on my way home tonight. Yay me


Anonymous said...

I hear on the news often how "we" as in Americans do not pay as much as some around the world do for gas. I don't like driving. Fortunately for me, I don't have to drive much. I'm keeping my old car that does great on gas. I filled up for $20 yesterday. My car had 1/4 a tank before fill up. That $20 will last me for about 2 weeks. Good 'ol (very old) :) Nissan. I would buy an electric or hybrid but they cost more than I earn in a year. It blows my mind when I hear on the news about how everyone can own a hybrid. I'm like - huh...The Nissan Leaf costs about as much as a house I was considering to buy recently. LOL Don't think I'll be trading for a Leaf anytime soon.


Nony said...

I used to be able to get two weeks from a tank before they centralized our jobs to Manchester *wistful sigh* Like you, I can't see the sense in going for the hybrid or electric cars. The cost is extortionate plus... are they going to burn MORE coal to generate the electricity when more ppl are driving them?